Accessible Disabled Holiday resorts turkey antalya,

A holiday in Turkey can be challenging for the disabled traveler, but armed with some prior knowledge you can be selective about where to go.

Istanbul is full of fascinating history, beautiful architecture and a surprisingly modern social scene, but many tourists are put off by the limited accessibility. However, many museums are now designed for all visitors.

Tasteful smaller resorts like SideAlanyaBelekKemer and Lara are also equipped with flat walkways and beachfront accommodation, unlike the older towns, and have become popular with disabled travelers.

While the main resorts, such as Bodrum and Marmaris, on the Aegean coast may be better in terms of accessibility, the crowds and busy nightlife don’t appeal to everyone. For a calmer Turkish experience, try the Bozborun Peninsula near Datca, tucked away among wooded hills.

Accessible Disabled Holiday resorts turkey antalya

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